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All About Medicare

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When do I apply without penalty?

  • Three months before your 65th birthday

  • The month of your 65th birthday

  • Three months after your 65th birthday*

*If you apply after your birthday you're not guaranteed coverage the following month.

How do I apply?

*You can apply for retirement benefits online as well!


At your local Social Security Office


Apply online

Four parts of Medicare


Part A

Hospital Insurance

  • Covers inpatient care in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home health care

  • Most people won't pay a premium for Part A


Part C

Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Covers Medicare Parts A and B, and often Part D, plus it may offer other benefits

  • You may pay a monthly premium to a private plan, and you continue to pay a premium to the federal government for Part B

  • Caps your out-of-pocket spending to protect your finances

  • Some plans require you to see network doctors or specialists - not all plans.

  • Part C plans offer additional coverage such as dental, vision, and, hearing benefits.


Part B

Medical Insurance

  • Covers doctors' services, hospital outpatient care, ambulance services, home health care and, preventive services

  • You Pay Part B premiums based on your income. The government will notify you, and it's taken from your Social Security check. 


Part D

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

  • Only covers prescription drugs

  • You may pay a monthly premium to a private plan

  • A Part D plan can be purchased separately to go with Orginal Medicare 

  • Often included in a Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Provides prescription coverage for your medications. Involving monthly premiums, deductibles, and co-payments.

  • 4 Stages to All Drug Plans: Deductible, Initial Coverage Stage, Gap Coverage (donut hole), Catastrophic Coverage

Together, Parts A and B make up Original Medicare (provided by the Federal Government)

Options for Medicare

  • Advantage Plans

    • Often referred to as a "C" plan covering hospitals, doctors, and prescription drugs and often includes dental, vision, and hearing benefits as well

    • HMO or PPO plans HMO’s require you to see network doctors, PPO’s do not require network doctors, and you can see any doctor who accepts Medicare in the USA

  • Supplement Plans

    • You need to purchase a standalone drug plan

    • G & N plans work with Original Medicare - very limited co-payments

    • F plan is only available if you are grandfathered in. This would happen if you turned 65 before 12/31/2019

2023 Medicare Costs

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